Consulting Services

In Consulting Services, in our firm, we evaluate the various aspects and approaches of possible risks, as well as review and correction of the necessary documentation, providing strategic and comprehensive advice for the adaptation of documents, policies, and processes, which allow your company has the legal support in case of a labor contingency, inspection visit or in the face of customer demands.

Regarding Consulting Services we have:

Preparation, review, and updating of documents before, during, and at the end of the employment relationship.

  • Creation of necessary documentation to prevent contingencies.
  • Review of files related to the employment relationship.

Risk assessment in labor matters

  • Prevention and detection of contingencies or problems with workers or unions.
  • Analysis and design of strategies.

Advice for the proper preparation and implementation of documentation.

  • Job applications, contracts, settlements, and resignations, among others.
  • Useful documents for a successful defense before trials or inspections.

Advice and comprehensive support in processes for termination of labor relations.

Definition and strategic negotiation for the end of successful labor relations.

  • Settlements, judgments, and contingencies.

Legal advice on the design of bonus plans and labor compensation.

  • Preparation and definition of schemes or forms for the payment of bonuses and benefits superior to the law.
  • Analysis of services adapted to the needs of each company.

Review and negotiation of corporate or commercial contracts with labor implications.

  • Analysis and regularization of contracts and/or commercial or civil relations of the company, which allow proper compliance with regulations.

Legal labor consultancy in “due diligence” and “data rooms”.

  • Warning of risks or benefits for proper decision making.
  • Permanent corporate labor advice through the practice of periodic audits in the company.
  • Permanent advice on labor and social security matters.
  • Planning and development of job training activities for managers and staff in general, depending on the needs of the company, through which practical aspects and strategies are provided in the management of labor conflicts, as well as adequate compliance with labor regulations.
  • Design and implementation of internal policies appropriate to the reality of the company and in compliance with current labor regulations.

Monitoring of reforms to labor legislation, as well as new judicial and administrative criteria.

  • Periodic update bulletin: We send our clients an update bulletin, in which the most outstanding national and international news in the labor field is summarized and analyzed.
  • Consultations with the Ministerio de Trabajo on new labor criteria.
  • Consultations with Courts about changes in judicial criteria.
  • Consultations with Social Security institutions.

Preparation, review, and adaptation of confidentiality agreements and work policies.

  • Preparation and review of contracts.
  • Care for the confidential information of the company.
  • How to avoid disclosure of information.
  • Business risk prevention.
    work policies
  • Obligations and rights.
  • Drafting, reviewing, and preparation of documentation.
  • Regularization of relations with workers.
  • Work schedules.

Training for Companies on labor issues.

  • Conflict management.
  • Application of disciplinary measures.
  • Business ethics.
  • Labor regulations.
  • Union management.
  • Risks prevention.
  • Policies in SSO.
  • Among other work issues.

Improvement of the work environment.

  • Support in terms of deposit and registration of collective bargaining agreements.
  • Improvement of working conditions.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Advice on the best individual and collective labor practices, adjusted to international standards.

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